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Beth gazing at Cabazon Peak


Beth Moore-Love is perhaps the greatest living artist working in America today. Her works can be found in private collections throughout the United States and Europe. She is a national treasure and yet, she is virtually unknown. Filmmaker Larry Wessel is determined to change that with his nine year labor of love…his  feature-length documentary called LOVE.

Beth painting mold on strawberries


“My ‘artwork’ has always been very cynical and ANGRY. I read a quote once, I don’t remember who said it, something about the purpose of art being to soothe the spirit after a hard day of ‘reality’. What does that mean? I once saw a two-page advertisement for some stupid car, on one side of the fold-out was a photo of Monument Valley, morphing into the skyline of Manhattan. On the other page, over Monument Valley was written, ‘The Dream’, over Manhattan was written, “The Reality”. And I saw right away that this was completely backwards. So my purpose as an artist is to soothe these people who turn our world upside-down for profit? These people who feel spiritually bereft after a hard day of raping and pillaging? F*ck that. I will NOT. I’m going to sneak it on the wall, and slap the sh*t out of them with the truth of it. Is there ugliness and horror in my work? Absolutely. Do you think that my work is distasteful? You are correct!”

– Beth Moore-Love


A Film by Larry Wessel