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Long have I been aware of her work. I met her on one occasion when she came down to the CIA . I was and have always been very impressed with her work which retains the vintage classic beauty of the Victorian era infused with the manic and  horrific blasts of reality and carnage.

Larry Wessel has achieved something few have in documenting not only her work but more intriguingly the process of her work. Like stepping into an actual living painting we float like spirits along the tops of the New Mexico mesas and plateaus and come to (rest?) on the very crux of her ball of seething and yet very historical and biting wit.

An amazing glimpse into the genius of a torn soul who seeks to rip the pretty rose tinted glasses off the eyes of the world and shove stinking bloody reality in their face with a splash of a delicious sense of humor. Truly one of the great underground artists of our time being captured by one of the best underground documentarians of our time.

– Carl Crew/ California Institute of Abnormalarts