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“LOVE” is an artistic film worth owning, a film that will LOVE you back! by Kent Adamson

Legendary artist William Scott, abstract painter from Northern Ireland, (and college roommate of Dylan Thomas) said “Every Picture Tells A Story”. “LOVE”, a new film by Larry Wessel, tells the passionate story of the art of a national treasure, the American painter Beth Moore-Love. It takes a deep focus view of her complex and intricately rendered paintings, so open and personal in presentation and theme that it feels like a swim through a river of paint streaming directly from her brain.

The film serves as a doorway into the elaborate conception and creation of her art. Beth addresses the camera, describing her life’s work painting by painting, sharing how they developed. Wessel takes his camera and transports his viewers far into each painting, including overlapping subsequent revisions, to bring the process of Beth Moore-Love’s brush technique beautifully to life onscreen.

In “LOVE”, there are no less than three sides to each story. The rich narrative, characters and background elements of each painting itself, the often dark and equally often hilarious stories of Beth Moore-Love (a natural storyteller on camera, with the coolest, most colorful wardrobe changes in a profession that rarely rises above denim), and the careful, disciplined reveals of cinematic storytelling by director Wessel. Frequently, Love’s friends and collaborators also pitch in to add detail, until the direct and truthful, often harrowing, but always transporting stories of each painting are complete.

“LOVE” is an artistic film worth owning, a film that will LOVE you back!

– Kent Adamson